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Importance of a Business Website


Business Website

Business website is important in marketing strategy. It allows you to reach over vast area where your target market is. You strengthen your brand as it is responsive to the need of your potential customers. However, getting customers isn't the only thing you get from a website.

There are many potential advantages of having a website for your business, no matter how small or big your company is. These advantages will help you achieve the face of your company that you wanted to build. Creating a website is like introducing your company, how it works, how will it address the needs of the consumers, and how important the product or services you are offering.

Why do you need a business website?

Here are important points why you should consider making a website for your company.

1. Other companies have one. 

 Every other company has their own website. This means that your competitor has their website so you should make your own. It is a trend. We are now in the age where online marketing is a must. Make this a motivation and think of the reasons why other businesses are putting up a website. This alone should make you realize how important it is for your business.

2. Your customer will look for it. 

Because we are already in the internet age everybody will be expecting that all businesses will have their own online marketing tool. Some people would love to see you online. They could know different products or services that you offer. If they found what they are looking for, they will contact you right after. They can contact you and arrange how they could get the item.

3. You control your image.

Nowadays, people make their reviews about a certain product or a company as a whole. They put it on social media. Although you cannot control what people say to your company or products, you could at least create your own story. You give people what you want them to learn about you. In addition, you are providing them how they see you. You control them indirectly as you could explain to them why they should buy your product or avail your service.

4. You're open 24/7.

Your physical store might be closed but your business is actually open. Websites are open all the time, unless of course there is a technical problem. Anytime customers visit your site, they could inquire or make an order. 
The website allows you to stay open 24 hours. You just answer inquiries once you opened the website the following day.

5. Less expenses on advertisements.

This is when you use free hosting sites like and Blogger . You have your own platform to advertise your products. The printing of brochures and print ads will be lessen. This could also be an additional source of income if you incorporated your site with ads and affiliate links.

6. You could be found in Google search.

More than 80 percent of consumers make an online search before making a purchase. Because of that you'll have a chance. If you do not have a website, you have a zero chance of being found. 

Although you needed time to rank higher in Google search, it is still better than no chance at all. You can increase your ranking through time. You need to increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How to use your business website?

Online Marketing

Use your website on how you should use it. Build your website to introduce your business and offers. Create an impression. You need to build a better impression by using a professional logo, well planned theme colors, creative layout, and excellent verbatim. The main use of your website is online marketing. Use it to market your products in the online community.

Be an authority when it comes to conveying the importance of your product and why they should make an order right away. Make use of the website to present the product. Use a good quality image. How you photograph your product could provide you a great edge.

Use your website to create email list. Having a list of contact emails will help you share every new product. Moreover, you gain contacts to customers and future returning customers. You could talk about feedback and what they think about your product. This links you well with your customers. It is a way to keep the interaction going.

Use your business website to share how your product is used. They could be using your product wrong, so it is an avenue for them to be knowledgeable regarding your product. Moreover, you were able to share your expertise. 

Of course, use it to sell. This is the reason why you started this website in the first place. Interact, make them feel needy of what you offer. 

Always bear in mind that using the right tools and strategies will unlock the full potential of a business website.

 Let's sum up and make a checklist.

  1. Great logo, graphics, and images-Help you build your identity.
  2. Blog or narratives- Create the reputation you want to have.
  3. Higher SEO- Drives traffic towards your site.
  4. Responsive email- Keeps the interaction alive between you and consumers.
  5. Good quality products- The most critical, you will not gain income if its not good even if you have a great website.
Importance of a Business Website

How to make your website?

Step 1: Choose and register your business name as the domain name.

Choosing the domain name of the website is the first thing to do. Of course, you should use your business name (just hope that it's still available). The domain name will be something like this I use GoDaddy for my domain name.

To know whether your business name is available, just type in the domain name in the box then press search domain. Use .com extension for the name. It will indicate whether the name is still ready for you to use. If it's not available, try adding other characters or word like or before using other extensions like .net, .online, .info, etc. Using other extensions could lose you a customer if .com was mistakenly used by the consumer.

Domain name is very important in Google search. Make sure it is easy to remember. It is advisable to use a short domain name. You could also add your city or location in the domain name. 

Step 2: Decide on platform and host that you need.

After choosing the domain name of your website, next thing to do is to decide on what platform and hosting service you need. There are free hosting services like Blogger. You can also make use of hosting services.

Using paid hosting will help you customize your website easier as you can use Wordpress. Wordpress is a tool used in website building that doesn't require programming skills.

Step 3: Make an outline of your website.

The next step is to picture out what you want your website to look like. Make a plan. Sketch the home appearance you wanted. Decide the menu and pages. You could of course look for inspiration in the internet then make it your own by adding a personal touch. Know the important parts of a website. You should consider the items that you will place in the sidebar and footers. 

Make sure you include in the outline the About Me page. You can use it to introduce your business and how it originated.

Being able to make a layout will help you in the actual designing. 

Step 4: The Logo.

Create a logo. In case you already have one, skip this step. On the other hand, if you do not have a decent logo, you can make yours or let others make one for you. There are many freelancers on Fiver or Upwork that offer such service. 

If you think you can make your own logo, that is way better. This is because you could incorporate everything you wanted. Besides, you are the only one who knows your company/business that much. 

Step 5: Layout the website.

This is the actual designing of the website. Just make sure you follow the outline you made. The website should be responsive and functional. If you do not like the actual appearance of the outline you made, you could revise accordingly. Be careful not to ruin any coding language that might make it unresponsive.

Step 6: Check the functionality.

After you finished everything and the website is ready, try it. Be the first customer of your business website. Click every button, menu, and categories. Check the links if it redirects you to the intended page. Fix any issues that might be present. If the website is fully functional, you are good to go. Let the website do its job. Always update the site for any changes or improvements.

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  1. Definitely a good idea to have a business website. I feel like without one nowadays your business won't be taken seriously. I know I don't trust businesses when I can't find a website for them.

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