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BizyIdea is a website primarily created to provide help about Business Ideas which people have in their minds right now. This help could be in a form of information sharing through blog articles and direct communication. The site also features inspirations to where visitors can get their own idea about Business, Social Media, Creatives, and Blogging.  Those four subjects could still be the next big thing in the years to come. The website also offers services like Logo Design, Website Design, and Layouts.

In BizyIdea, we believe in the power of imagination and hardwork. Because a great idea is just an ordinary idea until you make it happen. It takes guts and courage to put into reality the crazy idea you have in your mind. All you have to do is START. Learn in the process, we are here to help you find your way to the top. It will never be easy but it's attainable.



This is the landing page of the website. It shows all the features of the site.


The blog shows all the blog content of the website. It has sub menus, namely: Business, Social Media, Creatives, and Blogging. Those sub menus will lead you to a specific group of articles dedicated to each category.


You could find here the services we offer like Logo Design/Making, Website Startup, and Layout Designs for business cards, flyers, etc. These sub menus will redirect you toward a page where you can see some of our works and a price quotation.


This menu will lead you to an article/s that are featured due to their importance as of that period of time.


This menu has two sub categories/menus. The first one is SITE where you could read everything you need to know about the website, its features, and navigation menus. The other one is VISION. This sub menu shows the vision of the website.

-------------------------------------------WELCOME TO BIZY IDEA--------------------------------------------


"Thank you for joining us here at Bizy Idea. I hope we could provide you with what you need for your blog or business. We will do the best we can to satisfy you. And the we know that satisfaction could be achieved with your success."
- TJ
Bizy Idea

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